Digital Trunking Scanners Keep You In The Know

These state of the art scanners help you stay up to date on the first responder radio traffic in the region.  Listen in as dispatchers from local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and their emergency medical units relay on-the-scene reports of what's going on.  With a trunk tracking system like this you don't have to change channels to monitor different agencies - the monitor's trunking system follows the automatic switching that tracks all the communications all the time.  Desktop-mobile and portable handhelds in stock!

Scanners with digital trunking technology keep you up to date on all the latest first responder radio traffic in Leelanau County.
We have digital trunking scanners in desktop/mobile models as well as handhelds.

Two-Way Handhelds Keep You In Touch


Hiking, hunting, shopping . . . Stay in touch for convenient and instant communication with these two-way radios.  Great range, wide channel selection.